Our courses

Preludio organizes training courses at both the consumer and business level where the ‘voice’ is the central element of a path that leads people to discover themselves, enabling them to understand the different dynamics of communication.


55 sessions of 2 hours each on interpretive reading. The Incontri di due ore ciascuno sulla lettura interpretativa. The basic course is for those without specific professional experience, or for enthusiasts, and takes place in a recording booth (without microphone). The advanced course is for announcers, radio and TV journalists and other professionals who wish to perfect their skills. It takes place in a recording booth (with microphone). Learn more


The course is aimed at executives and anyone who needs to communicate effectively in public.


The effectiveness of a splendid Powerpoint presentation can sometimes be compromised by the oral presentation. This course provides students with a series of tools and techniques aimed at communicating effectively during meetings and acquiring greater confidence when dealing with groups.


A format dedicated to Team Building: corporate dynamics and interactive abilities are understood through experience of singing in an a cappella choir. The ALTI & BASSI, an a cappella vocal quintet active in Italy for nearly 20 years, will teach the team during this 1-hour course to sing in 4-part harmony.


Preludio produces the site and organizes, in collaboration with Studio D’Ammassa, conferences and meetings on copyright law, along with online courses for various levels of proficiency.

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